Mars Colony

Be the first to set foot on mars for colonization

Our Mission

Build and expand the base camp, find hidden items and collect minerals to activate the portal

How to keep it fun

Multiple players can build rival camps and plot for a grab of the minerals or try to conquer your base camp

Building an open digital economy

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Mars have a few secrets hidden on the planet for you to find

Discover hidden alien tech and make a gigantic leap in evolution while the competition is watching you, work together or fight for hidden game items


Multiple options to build the base, defence systems take less time but mineral factory takes a long time to build


explore and build are key to succeed, in many locations there are hidden items and also tokens to find and to save in your wallet


build your base and convert minerals to build faster, open the portal first and collect token rewards

multiple options

will you try to be the first to open the portal and get the rewards alone, will you work together and share the rewards


Software used: