Start staking today

Unlock when you want, daily earnings

Currently 40% APY rewards


Profit in bear market 100%
Profit in bull market 100%
Accumulate assets 100%
Invest in the future of web 3.0 100%

our metaverse is built on multiple earnings options
staking is one of the reward options

as you know you need GMGOLD for level 2 game items
including vehicles, virtual land, and special avatars

by staking your GMETA you earn 40% APY GMGOLD

the staking rewards are earned daily

we believe our current rewards and the token system will add
organic growth in value on the complete metaverse


Frequently asked questions?

Some information about staking

When you have questions:

contact the team on the reply form

join our telegram group and ask it here

staking is getting rewards for locking up your token and securing the network with less tokens in circulation

APY means Average Per Year

meaning that you get % rewards from your locked amount of gmeta tokens in gmgold tokens, for example, 40% APY means that if you stake 1000 gmeta coins you get 400 gmgold tokens if you stake a year, but the rewards are paid out daily so you earn (400 reward / 365 days) = 1,095 gmgold daily

the users can stop staking at any time but for the first 30 days a penalty of 20% APY will be deducted from your earned staking rewards
it’s in the best interest to keep staking for at least 30 days or longer and there will be no penalty when you unlock staking

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