Titan 2166

After a long-distance space journey, you and your crew start to explore this strange new world, but you soon find out that it has creatures that see you as a good meal

Your Mission

After collecting some data your crew notice that some parts of the ship were missing, find the missing parts to get out of this hostile world

gameplay options

find the parts, protect the spaceship, deathmatch modus where 10 players pay submission and last one standing gets the submissions

Nothing is what it seems

enter a strange world with a different environmental conditions, night and day are different, sudden electrical storms can suddenly manifest

a multi-option gameworld

the first blockchain game with a path of options in-game like protecting the spaceship, seeking the parts to leave, and deathmatch modus

Story modus

explore the planet, find the parts, protect the ship

game items

users can use their NFT weapons from their wallet

changing environment

night and day cycle, electrical storm, heavy rain


multiple players with submissions paid and the last one alive get the submissions


Software used: